Club Mudgee climbs onboard

OLD TRUCK: Mudgee Rescue Squad members pictured with the 27-year-old truck they are raising money to replace. (From left) original member Keith Underwood, captain Brian Wells, vice captain and vice president Wayne Joseph, assistant admin Errol Grieve, and secretary and deputy captain Garry Dollisson.

Club Mudgee climbs onboard
The Mudgee Rescue Squad’s campaign to replace one of their aging vehicles has received a boost thanks to the input of Club Mudgee.
Their truck, ‘Rescue 1 vehicle’, is over 27 years old and while it’s still soldering on like any vehicle of that vintage the cost of keeping it running is starting to stack up.
It’s not an ideal situation for an organisation that’s required to be self-reliant and unlike other emergency services doesn’t receive government funding.
Which makes the price tag of at least $105,000 for a new truck such a big undertaking.
But Club Mudgee will lend its support by donating $5,000 along with the proceeds of the Club Mudgee Race Day (April 21) and their next Afternoon On The Green concert (April 7).
The Club have invited the Rescue Squad to both events bring the old truck along and continue their campaign to raise money.
Club Mudgee CEO Maureen Heywood acknowledged that raising the money is a big task for the squad and said it was a good cause for the Club to get behind.
“We felt it was important to support them especially given the amount of volunteer work that they do for the community,” she said.
The Rescue Squad say that a new truck will improve their ability to respond to emergencies, be equipped with modern safety and technology, bring them up to speed with other emergency service vehicles, and give the squad a more professional look.
As well as having a truck which is better on fuel and more environmentally friendly.
“It will help us more efficiently and effectively service the local community, we can’t have breakdowns,” Mudgee Rescue Squad captain Brian Wells said.
Squad secretary Garry Dollisson said the help from Club Mudgee came unexpectedly when members attended a community group meeting held by the Rotary Club of Mudgee.
“They completely blew us out of the water, we just went along to give our presentation we didn’t expect a decision right there on the night,” he said.
The two organisations aren’t strangers to one another, Club Mudgee, formerly the Mudgee Soldiers Club, was one of the original sponsors of the Mudgee Rescue Squad when they started in the 1970s.
The Mudgee Rescue Squad is part of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) but is required to be self funded and responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their vehicles and equipment.
The squad responds to road crash rescue, aircraft and rail, land search and rescue, inland waterway, industrial, domestic, and other specialist rescue in the region.
Article by Sam Potts, Mudgee Guardian, Mar 5th 2012