Mudgee High Year 12 students Parting gift to Mudgee Rescue Squad 2012

Mudgee High School captain Tom Bambrick, vice-captain Jess Bantock, Mudgee Rescue Squad member Anthony Stewart, Mudgee Rescue Squad secretary Garry Dollisson, Mudgee High School captain Monique Bremner, vice-captain Ben Cheetham and year 12 advisor Greg Murdock

The fundraising of Mudgee High School’s Class of 2012 come to an end at their formal on Friday when the students presented the Mudgee Rescue Squad with a cheque for $22,169.35. As a year group they chose to raise money for the squad’s campaign to replace their ageing truck.
Year 12 students attended events such as A Day On The Green with collections buckets to rustle donations but the biggest contributor was the annual Rainbow Day which alone added around $11,000.
Mudgee Rescue Squad Secretary Garry Dollisson said Year 12 made a significant contribution to the $100,000 plus the squad needs. “We’re really appreciative of their effort,” he said. They’ve done a great job, not just for us but for the whole community. This has put us well and truly on track for our new truck. “Their effort will help keep the whole town safe.”  Mudgee High School Principal Louise Manwaring said the students not only raised a large amount but would have also learned a lesson about contributing to the community. “We’re very proud of their efforts,” she said. We think it’s very important that they find ways to give back to the community that’s nurtured them. “This continues the tradition we have here of students doing that rather than the less appropriate “Muck-up Day’ that’s in other schools. “It leaves a very proud momento for young people transitioning into the adult community rather than to feel that they’re somehow alienated from it. “I think that it’s a reflection of the way Mudgee is that people feel very strongly and have ownership of it and I think that’s reflected in the staff and students at the high school, that they want to make a positive contrition.”

Article by Sam Potts, Mudgee Guardian, November 21 2012
Photo by Sandy Smith Photography, Mudgee Guardian, November 21 2012