About us

The Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) is a registered not-for-profit charity established in 1969. It is a recognised rescue organisation under the NSW State Emergency and Rescue Act and is a purely volunteer organisation comprising 66 affiliated search and rescue squads.

The role of the VRA
VRA squads provide volunteer search and rescue services on land, air and water including alpine and remote area environments.

All VRA rescue operators are trained to exceed the NSW State Rescue Board guidelines. Each VRA squad is responsible for the the purchase, maintenance and operation of specialist search and rescue equipment.

The VRA is the busiest provider of primary response and rescue services in the country NSW, including motor vehicle rescue in rural and regional areas. Many VRA squads also have specialist accreditation and field communications.

The VRA are primary responders for Road Crash Rescue, Marine Rescue, Vertical Rescue and just about any type of specialist rescue encountered by Emergency Service personnel. The VRA also includes Aerial Patrols, Communications, Caving, Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue, Ski Patrols and Community First Aid teams.

Members, and their Rescue Squads, are accredited by the Minister for Emergency Services through the State Rescue Board as rescue operatives in their designated field. From the hostile marine environment, the unforgiving highways and roads that make up the vital circulatory system of New South Wales through to the rugged forests and alpine areas of this great state, Mudgee Rescue Squad Inc is one of 3 such squads within the Mid Western Regional Council, our small army of unpaid professionals are ready to respond at a moments notice, ready to lend a “helping hand, anywhere, anytime.”

The NSW Volunteer Rescue Association is made up of specialist rescue operatives working for their communities in over 70 locations across New South Wales.

Training/CareFlight Course held in Orange, 14-15 Nov 2011