The Mudgee Rescue Squad was formed as a result of a public meeting on the 2nd February 1975.

 The Story
The Squad was established as a fully self-contained voluntary rescue organisation whose basic aim was to supply and maintain specialised rescue equipment together with trained personal. It co-operates and assists all State and Commonwealth essential services in the event of road, aircraft, rail, water, industrial and natural emergencies; working beside Police, Ambulance, New South Wales Fire Brigade, Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and other organisations within the Mid-Western Regional Council area and surrounding District.

The Squad Today
The Mudgee Rescue Squad VRA is the primary accredited Land and Inland Water Rescue Service, sharing with Gulgong and Rylstone/Kandos, in the Mid-Western Regional Council area  and enjoys full support from all sections of the  Police, Ambulance and Fire services. The Rescue Squad can be called into action within minutes by a responsible officer without any charge or precondition 24 hours a day. At the scene of the accident, the Squad works under the control of the Senior Officer present, usually the Police.

The Future
Although one hopes that the least possible use has to be made of our service in the   public’s best interest, accidents do occur, and when they do, the Mudgee Rescue Squad will be able to respond, when requested, quickly and efficiently with an experienced rescue squad backed up by specialised equipment, to save lives and mitigate human suffering.