Fund Drive still trucking

TRUCK CHEQUE: The Rotary Club of Mudgee supported the Mudgee Rescue Squad’s campaign to purchase a new truck with a donation on Tuesday night. (From left) Ian Morgan, Keith Underwood, Wayne Joseph, Val Webb, and George Samanc.

The Mudgee Rescue Squad’s campaign to raise funds for a new truck continues with the Rotary Club of Mudgee donating $6,000 on Tuesday
The donation brings the Squad’s total a bit closer to the required amount of $105,000 to replace ‘Rescue 1 vehicle’.
Past president of the Rotary Club of Mudgee, Val Webb said the Squad’s campaign came to the club’s attention earlier in the year and seemed worthy of support.
“It came out of our sponsors meeting in February where we spoke to a number of community groups that asked for our support,” she said. “And we thought that they’re a voluntary organisation and when there’s an accident, police, ambulance, the fire brigade, SES, and Rescue Squad arrive, but they’re the only ones who don’t receive government funding.”
Rotary joins the list of groups and businesses that have supported the campaign, which also includes Club Mudgee, Family  First Credit Union, and Parsons Brinckerhoff.
There are a number of donation collection boxes at shops throughout Mudgee also available for the public to support the cause.
Next month it will step up with members of Rescue Squad collecting donations in the Mudgee CBD on Thursdays and Fridays.¬† Squad members must raise all the funds themselves in order to. replace ‘Rescue 1 vehicle, which is now over 27 years old.

Article Sam Potts – Mudgee Guardian, June 29 2012