The Property Shop Auction

The Property Shop has donated $10,600 to the Mudgee Rescue Squad, which is half of the money raised at their successful Tradies Night.
Mudgee Rescue Squad Publicity Officer Errol Grieve said they couldn’t believe how much the fundraising night raised. “What a phenomenal outcome, it far exceeded our expectations and we’re eternally grateful to the Mudgee community for what they’ve done and their generosity,” he said. Property Shop Director Andrew Palmer said the money will go towards a worthwhile cause and thanked those that made the amount possible. “It was a fantastic night, as a business we’re very happy to support such an important community organisation and express our thanks to the trades community for their generosity,” he said.
The Property Shop had originally set a target to raise about $7500 from the night but ended raising close to $22,000. Half of this amount will go to the Squad, the other will be given to the Mudgee Hospital Maternity Ward who are looking to buy window shutters. The night also raised $4000 for the business’s November fundraising.
Around 110 people attended the annual fundraising event, which is also when the Property Shop thanks the local trades people who carry out work for the real estate agent.
Mr Grieve said the “future looks bright” for the Squad as they choose the model of truck they will purchase and look towards a new back for the vehicle. They hope to have their new truck by March.

Article Sam Potts – Mudgee Guardian, December 12 2012